Are you becoming more wise?

The news feeds, especially on my Facebook page are distressing. In the midst of all the snarky discourse and name calling, there has to be a center of peace and communication-that is, if we want to bridge the gap. So many folks are righteous and stuck on each side determined to “win” – which I find very distressing.And, when I read the replies full of name-calling, I am done.

I win=you lose, and vice versa.

How does it look from here when your boot is on my throat? Not pretty. As soon as I get up, the fight will get worse. I promise.

Everyone is a victim. Hmmmmm.

Then, across my Facebook News Feed this morning came this picture and this quote:

‘”Wisdom does not come from speaking. It comes from listening.” -Rumi

Amen, That’s what we need. Everyone stop shouting.

Attacking the person and not the issue has to stop. Attacking has to stop. Respect, listening, asking to understand the other person’s viewpoint, and valuing dialogue. That is what we need. That is how we bring our country back together. That is how we all win.

What is one thing this week you can do to improve the dialogue? Is there someone you need to reach out to? Let’s listen.



image courtesy of Rumi@mevtlana on Facebook