Are you communicating your mission and values?

When I talk to first line employees, I find that their knowledge and application of the mission and values of the company can be pretty foggy. Or, perhaps, no one told them. They understand what they are required to do in their jobs, and what their department does. Even if they know what their leaders aspire to do, they usually don’t see how their jobs makes much difference in moving the needle on the goals. Is this your organization?

So why do they stay? If you tied mission and values to their jobs, would employees be more engaged and self-motivated? Would it be a competitive retention tool?

With the very high turnover at lower levels, and virtually full employment, answering these questions could be vital for many organizations.

Here are some best practices in hiring and on-boarding that may move the needle for you:

  • Ask questions in the interview that relate to your stated mission and values.
  • Include mission and values in on-boarding new employees. Oh, having a procedure for on-boarding new employees other than having them sign the employee manual might be nice. ¬†Talk about the history of the company and what makes you different. Explain your mission and values.
  • Rate application of mission and values in performance evaluations and/or coaching 1-2-1’s.
  • Rate supervisors on living the mission and values.
  • Live the mission and values as an executive team…..and, you know where I am going here, live your mission and values.

If your organization’s mission and values don’t inspire you, they won’t inspire your team.

Today, review your mission and values. Make them a living, breathing, inspiring document that you are proud to live by. Get fired up….and share it with your team.


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