Bored v. Busy

It seems like it was a common refrain 10 years ago that everyone was bored. Perhaps that came from living with teenagers.  Now everyone complains that they are too busy. Some of that is due to our mobile devices. We Feel compelled to be responsive to text alerts, media frenzy, Twitter, pictures of cute kittens.

Bored v. busy. Which is better?

I date myself by describing laying in the grass with my hands behind my head, watching the clouds go by on a summer day. Perfectly content with nowhere else to be – no one to connect with. No radio, no cell phone no texts. No nothing.

There are a lot of excuses for why we keep busy. We are trying to humor ourselves while we are stuck in a long commute, or in line at the market, or waiting for a program to load. In a way, these distractions are to numb us in boring moments.

Can we take those times instead to breathe, to think loving thoughts, to practice being grateful? We can choose to be neither bored nor busy. It is our choice. This week watch your thoughts re: bored v. busy. Choose none of the above.

Happy Easter and Passover.