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How do you stay in the conversation when it gets tense?

So, the issue is critical, the relationship is important and you totally disagree. Now what?

Having the conversational capacity and the tools to structure the discussion can create the opportunity to resolve difficult issues in new ways.

In his book, Conversational Capacity, Craig Weber describes it as staying in the sweet spot where you are both candid and curious. It takes deliberate practice to do this. Otherwise you can go into flight (shut down and minimize) or go into fight (win at all cost).

What should you practice?


  • Clearly and succinctly state your position.
  • Provide the data behind it.
  • Explain your interpretation


  • Hold your position as a hypothesis not the truth.
  • Test your position – what are you missing?
  • Ask for others to share their positions.


Will you make better decisions? Yes.

Will you maintain the relationship? Yes.

Will you have a smart team that differentiates you from the competition? Yes.

Will it take regular deliberate practice? Yes.


Get to it.


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Are you triggered?


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How many languages do you speak?


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