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Do you have good SOP’s?

While processing an opportunity at a Vistage meeting last week, one member asked if the company had a SOP around the process being discussed.

“What’s an SOP?” asked a Second Member.The group laughed or groaned. >

Is multi-tasking working for you?

Vistage Speaker Larry Haas spoke to my KEY group this week on Unmasking Multi-tasking. He thoroughly convinced the group through a hands on exercise that multi-tasking is not more effective for you or your customer. We probably won’t ever forget the exercise.


Are you a crazy entrepreneur?

Reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, I was reminded over and over of how crazy entrepreneurs are. First off, they are trying to create something that only exists in their heads. Then, they engage others who see the vision and are committed to making it happen to help them. >

Are you triggered?


How often are you in a meeting and someone says something that either makes you shut-down, or respond in anger or with a clear intent to prove why they are wrong? At that moment, you are definitely out of the sweet spot. Your conversational capacity has hit its outer limit. >

Are you a team or a family?


At the Vistage Executive Summit. Ben Casoncha challenged the attendees to ponder the agreement they make when they hire a new employee.

With great enthusiasm, a new addition is welcomed to the organization and within a few hours, >