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Making Decisions

In a recent conversation about the Myers-Briggs personality assessment tool, the topic of how and why we make decisions came up. If you are familiar with Myers-Briggs, you know that the 4th dimension, perceiving (“p”) versus judging (“j”) has a lot to do with making decisions. >

Stories and Pictures

My friend, Pam, visiting from Seattle, inspired a trip to the Grand Central Market and Little Tokyo in downtown LA. When guests ask you about your town, what do you say? What do you show them? >

Got trucks?

The backbone of successful international trade and improvement of lives everywhere has been logistics. Mine coal, oil, precious minerals, iron ore, and send it to where it can be used to manufacture cars, housing materials, farming equipment, so we can get around, eat, build houses, play on our smart phones, make more stuff and provide services like medicine, education, and accounting. >

Deep Work

How much time do you spend each week on deep work – the most important projects you must complete to stand out in your position? For many of us, we have trouble getting even an hour. But, when you do make progress on a significant accomplishment, don’t you feel great? >

You know it, so why don’t you do it?

If you are in Vistage you know that at most meetings there is an amazing speaker from whom you take away at least 3 good ideas. That is one of the reasons Vistage members grow their businesses 3x faster than their competitors. Don’t yawn, yes, I know you know that. >

How much of your business can you run without IT?

You’ve heard the stories of companies being attacked by a cryptovirus that shut down their computers. They were told to pay a ransom, usually with bitcoins, or their system would not work again. They called the police, who referred them to the FBI. They couldn’t help.  For many companies, their only resort was to pay the ransom.

Not everyone. Some companies were able to locate where the attack came in and isolate that part of the system. With a good back up they were running again pretty quickly with no ransom paid. Which one is you?
IT Security experts say the first step to prevent the attack is how you train the people in your company to use IT. Do they know when they should not open links or attachments? Have you tested them? Some IT departments train, then test their folks by sending a fake phishing email. Anyone who opens the link get a visit from the IT department and retraining. This is serious business and the IT departments are treating it as such.
Also critical is how you structure your IT Hardware. I’m suggesting that you get a review by an outsider to see if what you have will withstand today’s attacks and maybe help you prevent one in the future.
On your own personal computer, do you have at least 2 antivirus programs? And, do you update all your programs whenever you get a notice from Apple or Microsoft to do so?
I know it is a pain, but most people don’t leave their front door or their car unlocked. And, many people have alarms and security cameras on their houses. Isn’t your IT just as important?


Are you investing enough to make new projects succeed?

Take a look at a few paragraphs from the Los Angeles Times of May 14, 2016.

“Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday threw his support behind an ambitious $2-billion plan to build housing for California’s mentally ill homeless population.

“The governor’s action comes as cities from Los Angeles to San Francisco, have seen homelessness increase in recent years, sparked in part by >