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Applying business planning to personal goal planning

Frustrated with my lack of progress in losing the weight I’ve gained over the last 3 years, I decided I had to apply business planning to personal goal planning. And, I had to make it a game that I wanted to win. That would require a longed-for goal, a reward for achieving it, regular measurement, daily practice and small awards along the way. >

Are you a crazy entrepreneur?

Reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, I was reminded over and over of how crazy entrepreneurs are. First off, they are trying to create something that only exists in their heads. Then, they engage others who see the vision and are committed to making it happen to help them. >

What is the attitude you are choosing?

Friday, I attended the Grand Guarantee Conference put on by Western Waterworks for their vendors and customers.They had a Keynote speaker Walter Bond who spoke on how to live your best life. His main point was to eliminate all excuses. >

How do you express your creative brilliance?

Not me, you say? I am not creative. That is what many of the TEC/Vistage Chairs said when we began day one of our annual meeting in Colorado for Chairs with 10 years or more at Vistage. Creativity means artistic or musical. Not many Chairs can draw, a few sing or play musical instruments, … some take good pictures.

We began the morning with looking back at our creativity as children. In my small groups, we first remembered all those who stomped down on our creativity. Color within the lines, get down from that wall, use your inside voice.

And, even when we uncovered the creative things we had done in our lives – invented companies in areas that hadn’t existed, developed new ways to take products to market, found ways to motivate our teams that later became best practices in our industry…. we didn’t see ourselves as creative.

By the afternoon of day 2, after drawing pictures, strolling Boulder taking snapshots of objects we wouldn’t normally notice, and meeting again in small groups and exploring what we are passionate about, we began to put it all together.

Artists, maybe not, but creative, yes we are. So doubling down on our unique creativity and refreshed by being with our community, 100 Chairs dispersed to all areas of the US, England, Canada and Argentina.

If you want to explore where your unique creative brilliance lies, find a partner and dig deep in your past for those areas where you colored outside the lines, or came up with something original. Start there and see if that lines up with a passion you have. When you work from your strengths, you are uniquely amazing. Have fun!


picture photoshopped by Paul Dye