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Live today

We scheduled a massage for 4:30, yesterday. At 3:45, I heard the helicopters. Lots of helicopters. Then, I heard sirens. Living close to the 5 freeway, sometimes this happens with a major accident. Not like this. 8 helicopters. They were not over the freeway. Oh no, it is in the neighborhood. >

Rule changes

Watching the World Cup Final between Croatia and France, I was thinking about the rules. About offsides, how high was that kick, did it hit his arm? Was that guy really hurt or is he just dragging out the clock. >

Plan for retirement

For many successful executives, retirement is a scary proposition. Scary because retirement equals lack of identity, lack of structure, lack of value…Who am I if I am not the CEO of a successful company? Who am I if I am not the CFO, or the CMO, or whatever your title. It may define your sense of worth. >

The midlife slump

I was struck by an op-ed piece in the L.A. Times* by Jonathan Rauch, a Pulitzer Prize Winning journalist, who discovered in his 40’s that despite all of his achievements, a good life and a good marriage, he was suffering a midlife slump. >

Focus issues?

This time of year, many of my coaching sessions are taken up with creating focus on the most important activities or outcomes required for a successful year. It is a typical and valuable assessment of how to actualize those aspirational New Year’s resolutions. Usually, to be successful, the resolution requires changes in behavior. Making these resolutions into reality requires some analysis of what is currently working and what is not working. >

Add more charity

While driving home from Pilates this morning, we passed the caravan returning the fallen firefighter, Cory Iverson, to his home in San Diego from the Thomas fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. It is so devastating to lose a life. 8300 firefighters have been deployed.18,000 structures are threatened.This fire is now the largest we have seen in California. How can we help? >

Applying business planning to personal goal planning

Frustrated with my lack of progress in losing the weight I’ve gained over the last 3 years, I decided I had to apply business planning to personal goal planning. And, I had to make it a game that I wanted to win. That would require a longed-for goal, a reward for achieving it, regular measurement, daily practice and small awards along the way. >

Are you a crazy entrepreneur?

Reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, I was reminded over and over of how crazy entrepreneurs are. First off, they are trying to create something that only exists in their heads. Then, they engage others who see the vision and are committed to making it happen to help them. >

What is the attitude you are choosing?

Friday, I attended the Grand Guarantee Conference put on by Western Waterworks for their vendors and customers.They had a Keynote speaker Walter Bond who spoke on how to live your best life. His main point was to eliminate all excuses. >