Disruption is happening everywhere. Are you benefiting?

This morning, we walked out of the garage and saw a swarm of bees above the next door neighbor’s grapevine right by our driveway. Curious, we followed it to where the bees were grouping to start a new hive about 8 feet away in another vine.

Talk about disruption! A new queen emerges and the old queen takes a bunch of the bees and leaves home to find a whole new place to create a hive.

What is happening in your home or industry? While you think you may be in an industry that will not be disrupted, it is getting harder to hold onto that belief. At one time we bought our books from a bookstore. Then Amazon wiped out most bookstores. Now, Amazon is opening their own bookstores. The way we get our products and services has changed. Think of the number of people who stream their news and entertainment instead of owning a television. Who has a land-line anymore?

Many people supported Trump because they felt the way government worked needed to be disrupted. The energy industry is being disrupted as new batteries and solar panels are changing up the electric energy transmission system. Technology has disrupted so many industries it is almost a cliche. And, this process WILL continue. When we have driverless trucks, what will the drivers do for employment?

If you want to really freak yourself out about all this, go to youtube.com and watch Clean Disruption by Tony Seba. The future is coming more rapidly than we want to admit.

Keep asking your team how the competition could disrupt your business model. And further, what are your customers’ other alternatives to buying from you — what they purchase, the way they purchase, and the way you deliver may all change. I don’t buy from a bookstore anymore, right?

Now, how to get the honey out of that hive…….


Photo by Paul Dye