Forecast the economy

Many times in the last few weeks I’ve been asked what the economists are saying about the next recession. Not an expert myself, I read a lot of experts and pundits who sort through data and trends in an effort to forecast the economy. I thought I would share some of my sources in case you were up for a little light reading.

I usually start with the Beaulieu brothers who have spoken for years to Vistage groups all over the US. You can read their blogs at  I’ve linked to my favorite recent blog: The Economy and the Midterms. Do you love graphs and tables as much as I do? Look at their table comparing the state of the economy versus the midterm elections. Wait ’til you see the correlation.

Then I read whatever Brian Wesbury is saying. He calls himself the Antidote to Conventional Wisdom. Bullish on the economy, and a raving fan of the tax cuts, he is always fun to learn from even if you don’t agree with his politics.

Lastly, I check out the Vistage Research Center. Even non-Vistage members can read the results of Vistage surveys of its Members.

One thing they all agree on is several rate hikes in the next 18 months. I suggest you think long and hard about how much capital you will need and plan accordingly right now. Your bank would be happy to help you with that.



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