High Leverage

Did you ever finish your work day and say to yourself, “Boy, that was a wasted day. I didn’t get anything useful done!” Hopefully, that doesn’t happen too often. >


How much of your self-talk is negative? Do you have a running internal commentary about what you say, do, think? How many times each day do you say something to yourself like “You stupid idiot!”? >

Getting older?

The State of California is getting older, too. Rapidly. The percentage of the population over 65 is currently 5.5%. By 2060 it will be 13.5%. The percentage of children under 18 will drop from 24 to 18% of the population. While our children will be fighting for space in the old people’s homes, our great-grandchildren will be strolling into near vacant colleges and universities.  >

Tolerating too much?

This week I had a number of conversations with business leaders who had decided to let go of employees from their organizations who did not fit their culture. One leader said that as of now, he does not have one direct report who is out of alignment with the company culture and values. >

Innovating much?

You get a hint that a competitor has solved a problem your customers have grumbled about. Or, you dismiss an investment that your sales team suggested as not necessary. Or, your team suggests you should be quicker to market and you list all the obstacles getting in the way. Are you innovating much? Or, are you just tired…..


Leadership Style?

In a crisis, we look to a firefighter to lead us. In a process or profit maximization, we look for a steady analytic type. Which are you? For your organization, do you have the right leadership style?– It depends on the challenges you are facing. >

Making Decisions

In a recent conversation about the Myers-Briggs personality assessment tool, the topic of how and why we make decisions came up. If you are familiar with Myers-Briggs, you know that the 4th dimension, perceiving (“p”) versus judging (“j”) has a lot to do with making decisions. >

Called to Greatness

Americans mourned the passing of Senator John McCain this week with many conversations about his character, his service and his outspokenness. The public was allowed to mourn >

Stories and Pictures

My friend, Pam, visiting from Seattle, inspired a trip to the Grand Central Market and Little Tokyo in downtown LA. When guests ask you about your town, what do you say? What do you show them? >

Forecast the economy

Many times in the last few weeks I’ve been asked what the economists are saying about the next recession. Not an expert myself, I read a lot of experts and pundits who sort through data and trends in an effort to forecast the economy. I thought I would share some of my sources in case you were up for a little light reading. >