Feeling disaster anxiety?

Hurricanes in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico, earthquakes in Mexico, fires in California — so many natural disasters in the last month affecting so many people. Add the shootings in Las Vegas. So much tragedy, fear and human suffering. >

Taking apart the Ideal Team Player- Pt. III. Are you smart?

As we discussed the last 2 weeks, Patrick Lencioni believes that ideal team players are humble, hungry, and smart.

What does he mean by smart? In the context of a team, smart refers to your common sense about people: being interpersonally appropriate and aware. “Smart people tend to know what is happening in a group situation and how to deal with others in the most effective way.” >

Who challenges your thinking?

Who do you look forward to seeing who consistently challenges your thinking?

While celebrating my nieces wedding on the Oregon Coast, I was able to be with my extended family, the grooms family from Texas and my niece’s friends.  So many different ways we live our lives, yet the conversations were warm, open and exploratory.

As the groom’s brother and I made fruit salad, he told me about life on his ranch outside of Austin. Every weekend his family members compete in horse shows. This includes one of his older daughters who has graduated out of 4H competitions continues to participate as a coach. As anyone knows who has horses, two kids had to stay back to run the ranch while the rest of the family flew to Oregon for the wedding.

The bride and groom shared their experiences of attending Burning Man. The bride described the gifting culture and how people give coffee or art classes or play the piano and get food and drink from others. In a desert where the super fine dust coats them and everything around them, everyone builds their housing creating villages and art installations that are torn down or burned at the end of the week. They are fascinated by the creativity, art and alternative way of living and the temporality of it all.  This year, there were 75,000 people in the desert for a week. It is one of the largest cities in Nevada for that week.

Family can be the best place to learn and to challenge your thinking yet for some it too often turns into angry disagreement and disrespect. You know who to talk to and who to avoid.  Yet when you hold the intention to appreciate and learn, it can be a wonderful place to work on being curious.  Try it at your next family gathering or even at home today.

After all these years, how do I change my name?

Like many of you, I’ve called myself one thing for all of my existence. Now, after being a Member of a Vistage group for 4 years and a Vistage Chair for over 17 years, Vistage is changing the name from a Vistage Group to a Vistage Peer Advisory Board. We shall call it a “Board” for short.

Just like young woman practicing saying “Nora Franco”, or “Nora Washington”, or “Nora Thomas”, instead of Nora Paller, I am now trying to say “Vistage Board”.

I pace around the house repeating phrases like:

Take that to your “Board.”

Our “Board” decided to have the retreat in October.

Who is on your “Board?” Some of your fellow “Board Members” did not agree with you on that issue.

Mind you, I think the new languaging more accurately represents the value the Members are getting out of the Group, oops, I mean “the Board”. It better communicates why high performing executives spend all of one day each month with their peers.

It connotes accountability and attention to results. We do all that.

I just keep going around the house mumbling phrases like “in my board meeting the other day”, my “Board Member” told me that, “Ed is a Member of my Vistage Board.”

Sigh. It will take some practice. If you are a Vistage Member, join me. Let go of your Group and embrace your Peer Advisory Board. What do you think? Doesn’t it make you just stand up a little straighter?


image courtesy of theprayingwoman.com

What is your work?

This week Vistage speaker Ken Tucker asked my groups this question: What is your work? Further, how does your work serve your purpose? And, what is the link between your personality and purpose?

Oh wow! What is my purpose? >