Have you played hooky lately?

We all live by our calendar, right? It keeps us mercifully on track and makes us the ultra-productive human beings we aspire to be. Thus, when reviewing my calendar last Tuesday evening, I was shocked to discover a hole, actually a miraculously large hole from Thursday at 9 am until Friday at noon.

The desert bloom at Anza Borrego east of San Diego had been in the news for days. It was coming close to the peak. The weekend would be jammed with people and all the hotels would be booked. Could we sneak out mid week? Assuming a “no” answer from my hardworking attorney spouse, I meekly put the suggestion forth. He looked at me with a very long pause. hmm, I thought, this is a definite no. “Well, work is a little slow, I may be able to do that…..”

“Yes,” I shouted, pummeling the sky with my fist. “I will find a hotel.”

So, delighted, I went through every hotel in the Borrego Springs area. Nothing. On to Julian, where I found a B & B and we were going!

Next morning I shared with my Vistage group that we were sneaking away. Oh, how delicious it feels.

In the middle of the speaker presentation, I got a text from my hardworking attorney spouse that he had to go to a hearing Thursday morning and we couldn’t leave until 11. Argh!!! He suggested that I see if I could reschedule my noon meeting on Friday. Oh, it is a matter of deep integrity to me to keep my commitments. I struggled with that for 3 hours. i finally decided to put it to the duo I was to meet on Friday. They gave me the pass I was hoping for.

Finally, we were off on Thursday at 11. It was almost 4 hours to the flowers and worth every second. We noodled around taking pictures in the 96 degree heat. Never have I seen so many wildflowers. We went back on Friday and spent another 2 hours strolling through cactus fields and flower fields.

Totally refreshed, we came home to work on our taxes all weekend. It wasn’t easy to get away, but it was worth it. Whether playing hooky is one day, one week, or one hour, fitting one in may really refresh your soul.


Photo by hardworking attorney spouse aka Paul Dye – Henderson Canyon Road in Borrego Springs

Is multi-tasking working for you?

Vistage Speaker Larry Haas spoke to my KEY group this week on Unmasking Multi-tasking. He thoroughly convinced the group through a hands on exercise that multi-tasking is not more effective for you or your customer. We probably won’t ever forget the exercise.


Are you a crazy entrepreneur?

Reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, I was reminded over and over of how crazy entrepreneurs are. First off, they are trying to create something that only exists in their heads. Then, they engage others who see the vision and are committed to making it happen to help them. >

How do you stay in the conversation when it gets tense?

So, the issue is critical, the relationship is important and you totally disagree. Now what?

Having the conversational capacity and the tools to structure the discussion can create the opportunity to resolve difficult issues in new ways.

In his book, Conversational Capacity, Craig Weber describes it as staying in the sweet spot where you are both candid and curious. It takes deliberate practice to do this. Otherwise you can go into flight (shut down and minimize) or go into fight (win at all cost).

What should you practice?


  • Clearly and succinctly state your position.
  • Provide the data behind it.
  • Explain your interpretation


  • Hold your position as a hypothesis not the truth.
  • Test your position – what are you missing?
  • Ask for others to share their positions.


Will you make better decisions? Yes.

Will you maintain the relationship? Yes.

Will you have a smart team that differentiates you from the competition? Yes.

Will it take regular deliberate practice? Yes.


Get to it.


image courtesy of globalcopywriting.com