Got trucks?

The backbone of successful international trade and improvement of lives everywhere has been logistics. Mine coal, oil, precious minerals, iron ore, and send it to where it can be used to manufacture cars, housing materials, farming equipment, so we can get around, eat, build houses, play on our smart phones, make more stuff and provide services like medicine, education, and accounting. >

toxic leadership

The #metoo movement continues to change our national discourse as we observe the various levels of behavior that are called out. How bad was it? How would we view it if/when it happens in our own organizations? >

Psychological Safety

Have you ever evaluated the level of psychological safety in your team?

Is it okay to challenge the status quo? Can people discuss behaviors that bother them? Is it acceptable to challenge a supervisor when they don’t show up on time or blame a subordinate when they forgot to do something? >

Live today

We scheduled a massage for 4:30, yesterday. At 3:45, I heard the helicopters. Lots of helicopters. Then, I heard sirens. Living close to the 5 freeway, sometimes this happens with a major accident. Not like this. 8 helicopters. They were not over the freeway. Oh no, it is in the neighborhood. >

Rule changes

Watching the World Cup Final between Croatia and France, I was thinking about the rules. About offsides, how high was that kick, did it hit his arm? Was that guy really hurt or is he just dragging out the clock. >

Plan for retirement

For many successful executives, retirement is a scary proposition. Scary because retirement equals lack of identity, lack of structure, lack of value…Who am I if I am not the CEO of a successful company? Who am I if I am not the CFO, or the CMO, or whatever your title. It may define your sense of worth. >

Civil Discourse

I have not seen the United States of America, the land I love, so torn up since the late 60’s. The name-calling, the divisions, the neighbor pitted against neighbor….the lack of civil discourse. If this has been planted by the Russians, as they have been accused of doing, then they are winning and we, the people, are losing. >

Reigniting your flame

Put over 100 tenured TEC/Vistage* Chairs in Boulder for 3 days and magic happens. Well, depending on how you define magic. Is it transforming your view of the world, how you hold your experiences, what you see for your future, how to live in joy?….we did all that this weekend. >

Celebrate celebrating

June is such a fabulous month for celebrating! Last night we were at the wedding of the daughter of my friend since third grade. Do I post a picture of the bride and groom? Of course not. Here is my old friend Greg looking like the proud and happy father that he is.

When we got on the shuttle bus to go to the wedding, next hopped up my friend’s uncle who reminisced about dinners at my parents’ house. I shared stories with the bride’s uncles about drinking my first beer at their house.* The Mother of the bride talked about our girls being babies together. Our fellow book club members talked about the 21 years of monthly book club meetings- sharing our lives month by month and book by book as our kids grew to adulthood, and yes, got married.

And, today is Father’s Day. Congratulations on surviving all the years of raising kids, eh? The joys, sorrows, fear of failure, worry, pride, and most of all love that go with being a parent….all worth celebrating today.

UC Santa Barbara and so many other colleges, high schools, middle schools,  etc. are graduating this weekend. It is such an unambiguous reason to party. Pride, accomplishment, completion, checking the box, gaining a credential that will last a life time that you celebrate with your fellow graduates. A wonderful reason to party!

And, finally, today is my birthday. I am SO grateful for all the people in my life who share their travels with me. Many people don’t make much of their birthdays. On my birthday, I choose to reflect and to celebrate all the blessings and good fortune that have come my way, and the wonderful life I have. Thank you for being part of it and may you find a reason to celebrate celebrating today.


*Even at 18 I liked wine better.

Do you have a New Supervisor Playbook?

Do you have a new supervisor playbook that you use when you promote or hire for supervisory positions? Are you finding that you make assumptions of how people will be with each other and then it doesn’t go as you expected? Do you find you have to spell out a lot more about people’s communication practices than you think you should have to?