Reigniting your flame

Put over 100 tenured TEC/Vistage* Chairs in Boulder for 3 days and magic happens. Well, depending on how you define magic. Is it transforming your view of the world, how you hold your experiences, what you see for your future, how to live in joy?….we did all that this weekend.

Every year, TEC/Vistage Chairs get together to work on the flame – the soul side of Chairing…who we are being. The theme this year was reigniting your flame. As Chairs with over 10 years of practice and 10,000 hours, we might be considered masters. Yet the idea of reigniting your flame after many years of practice resonated with us. Like any passion, the intensity can vary. If you are passionate about golf, or drawing, or designing buildings, or building a business, there are times where you are totally committed and other times when your energy is low.

Perhaps the most important skill of a TEC/Vistage Chair is the ability to listen with all your senses, and then to ask the next question from a place of curiosity and caring.When done well, the other person feels truly seen and perhaps truly understood. That’s what we do for each other.

Since we know a lot, yes we do, we Chairs, we can also call out the trickster when we see it in each other. As we tell our stories and deeply listen to each other in small groups for 2-3 hours, we ask the questions of each other that lead to aha moments about our own patterns. We gain insight into what else there is for us in the areas of creativity, or refueling ourselves. We look for the nugget of wisdom to be gained by looking inside and sharing what we see. That’s what we come here to do.

And so, bit by bit we reignite the passion that calls us to Chairing.

I leave Boulder exhausted and nourished and so grateful to be part of this community. All humans hunger to be seen. We did that for each other this weekend. Thank you my fellow Keepers for reigniting my flame and yours.

*TEC in Canada, and Australia and Vistage in the U.S, England and 16 other countries.

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