Taking Apart The Ideal Team Player-Pt. 2: Are You Humble?


As we discussed last week, Patrick Lencioni believes that ideal team players are humble, hungry, and smart.

What is “humble” for Lencioni? It means a lack of excessive ego or concerns about status. This may not be what we see in leaders these days, yet since The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge, it is what business academicians have discovered to be a key to long term business success. Perhaps, the salient phrase is “long term.”

Isn’t it easier to identify the “Not humble”? You know, the manager that seems to take all the credit for the work the team did? Or, did not give credit to the team member that saved the day? We don’t forget those slights. Further, we put distance between ourselves and that person. It affects the  effectiveness of the whole team.

Certainly, we can all get better at being humble.

Like everything else Lencioni has written, he gives you a self-assessment guide. So you can take personal responsibility for making the team be better. Answer the following questions:

Would your team-mates assess you 3-usually, 2=sometimes or 1-rarely?

  1. I compliment or praise them without hesitation.
  2. I easily admit to my mistakes.
  3. I am willing to take on lower-level work for the good of the team.
  4. I gladly share credit for team accomplishments.
  5. I readily acknowledge my weaknesses.
  6. I offer and accept apologies graciously.

The interesting places to work are where you scored yourself the lowest. This week, make it a point to up your game on one or two of the areas you assessed. Your team will appreciate it.


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