What is the point of Mother’s Day?

My Mother hated Mother’s Day. Yet, even as adults with children of our own, we would all make sure to take her to dinner together, and bought her a gift she didn’t need but we all hoped she would like. More thought was put into trying to find something that would please or delight her than in any other part of that day.Yes, we knew this was somewhat ridiculous And, we did it anyway.

What is the point of Mother’s Day? So many of us have or had complicated relationships with our Mothers. Is there some kernel of value to this “Hallmark Holiday,” as my Mother would say?

Here ‘s my thoughts and I would welcome yours: Mother’s Day honors the daily commitment to take care of another, to love them, to focus on their needs, and to put their needs above your own. Mothers aren’t the only ones to do this. Fathers do it too. So do so many other people we should thank for helping us to be who we are and where we are today.

I think Mother’s Day gets the most attention because the miracle of carrying that baby for 9-10 months inside your own body and then getting it from inside to outside is really hard. And, your body is changed forever as a result. Many women have done this several times. Wow! And, that is just the beginning of the sacrifice and the daily practice of giving. Giving way past your mental, emotional, and physical capabilities. And,like most Mother’s, I would do it all again.

Many people have a daily practice of mindful awareness or exercise. We can choose when we do it or don’t do it. Being a Mom is a 24/7 daily practice of paying attention to where others are and giving what is needed in the moment.

So today on Mother’s Day, I hope we can find a way to express gratitude to the people who loved us and tried to do the best they could. I think Mothers show us all that we can focus more on our daily practice of being in the moment and giving to the people we love. Perhaps, we can also add a little giving to those who need love that aren’t in our family or inner circle. The world could use it.


Photo courtesy of www.sweetsharing.com