Wisdom Circle

Do you have a wisdom circle – a group of wise friends or advisors who tell it to you straight and hold you accountable to being your best self? What would it look like if you did? How bout this?

This weekend, 800 Vistage Chairs and staff are gathered in San Diego to hone our craft and support each other in delivering on our 61 year promise: Dedicated to improving the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of CEO’s and key executives. We are meeting in general sesssions with corporate to hear this year’s strategic plan, marketing strategies, and how they will support us Chairs. Then we get to have break-outs created by Chairs for Chairs to share best practices and go deeper into who we are being that we get better results.

Oh man, this is like cats with catnip. We sit down with old friends and go deep in about 35 seconds. We love this stuff. And, because we have created a safe space for being our authentic selves, we get right to work. We laugh, we play and we learn.

The picture is from dinner last night. These are some of the women Chairs with at least 10 years of Chairing experience. Most of them were CEO’s or had high level corporate experience before they became Chairs. Any one is amazing by herself. Put the group together and it is a matchless resource. So it goes with any group you see together at this meeting. We are excellent alone. But the group together is outstanding.

February 1st, I will have been a Chair for 18 years. I am so grateful to have found a place of community and connection. Whose values are trust, challenge, caring and growth. I have found my Wisdom Circle.

This week I challenge you to ask for more from your friends and connections. Create your own wisdom circle. Or use your Vistage Group with more intentionality. We all hunger for deeper connection and community. We have to ask for it.

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