You know it, so why don’t you do it? Part 2

Brilliant idea it was to address the question “you know it, so why don’t you do it?”. Then it occurred to me that I had written on this before. Sure enough. I had. And, I liked that post. And, I needed to go further.

In order to create a new pattern of doing, instead of NOT doing, we need to identify the obstacles and create step by step actions to reach the desired outcome. ¬†You say that is obvious. Yes, it may be. And, we don’t do it.

Let’s say, we want to increase our personal savings each month. And, the reason we haven’t magically saved more money is? Perhaps, it is because we haven’t identified specific steps we will take to save more money. Usually, people will start on a list of things to be taken away. I will not get coffee at Starbucks. I won’t go out to dinner.I won’t go have drinks with my friends after work.Then, when our best friend comes into town, we blow it all and do all three.

How bout if we think positively and pay ourselves first. Put $100 in savings every pay period so we don’t even see the money going away. Then determine how much is left and allocate how much there is for dinner out, Starbucks and movies.Further, don’t take out the credit card unless the car breaks down. Cash or that debit card remind us that we have options. We can do some of everything, but not all of everything. That is probably more okay than we first imagine. We lose a little freedom and gain a whole lot of control.

This same step by step process applies to complex multi-dollar projects that we aren’t getting solved in our organizations. Maybe we need to lower our cost of good sold. How are we creating a step by step process to reduce waste or damage to raw materials?

Where are we using manual processes because we haven’t teased out a process that could be automated?

So, what I am saying here is that you will not change your patterns without a step by step plan. You already know that don’t you? Now, I challenge you to choose one obstacle today and create a step by step plan to overcome it. Then, tomorrow, take that first step.

Congratulations! I see great success ahead.


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