Your super power

Do you know what your superpower is? Some people would say it is your top strength, what you excel it or what you delight in. Walking through a market in Croatia, my cousin chortled, yes, chortled when she saw a guy wearing a shirt that said in English “Organizing is my superpower, what is yours?” Those of you who know me, know that is NOT my superpower, but it definitely is my cousin’s. And, she owns it.

What if we all would just own what we do well and use that to get to our goals? How’s that? Let’s say you are a leader like most of the executives I coach and your superpower is connecting with others. Maybe, numbers aren’t your thing. So, don’t just let those numbers drop unlooked at in a file on your desk. Have your accountant go over the numbers with you and discuss what they mean to her, and what she is seeing. Use her analytical mind to inform your view of how you are doing. Have her create a dashboard of what you should be looking at each month. We think we have to be good at everything. Oh, please….

Maybe, you are good at seeing trends and making changes to stay up. Your team is probably always trying to keep up. Perhaps, quickly listing what you are seeing and responding to, or a 1 minute update each day in your huddle, would keep the team up running with you. Then, they can implement your changes faster in the company.

Many Vistage teams are doing personality profiles together which has enriched their ability to harness their collective superpowers. The organizers set up systems and processes, the analyzers are reviewing trends, the strategists are looking forward to create what is next. The connectors are keeping the team in communication.

Think about how you can add to your team by declaring and working from your superpower. Your job will seem a lot more fun if you do.