2019 goals

If you wrote down your goals for 2018, this would be the time to review them. Which ones did you achieve, and which ones did you miss.? Can you figure out why?
My guess is that for the ones you achieved you had a specific plan with regular milestones and due dates.  And you kept your commitment month after month until you achieved them. You probably wrote them down and shared them with a coach or accountability partner who helped you stay on track.
Other goals may have been wishes. No real plan in place or no real commitment to do the daily work to get there. Or no accountability.
First, let me say “me, too”. I met my financial goals, my relationship goals and my community involvement goals. I did not meet  my weight goals. I had monthly intermediate goals and started falling off month two. I did not have a coach and picking your life partner as your accountability partner can get in the way of making the relationship goals.
So this year, I’m making a commitment to lose 15 pounds. I’m declaring it out loud (here). I’m getting an accountability partner who has no stake in the outcome. I will work out one more time each week to move the process along. And I promise not to whine or bore my colleagues in the process.
Happy 2019! May you be healthy, and may we all prosper!