Birds of a feather…

Last Thursday, over 100 Vistage and TEC Chairs gathered in Boulder, Colorado, for Keepers of the Flame. At a minimum, you have to have been a Chair for 10 years to participate, which has to be well over 10,000 hours of practice. If someone dropped a bomb on the Hotel Boulderado, Vistage would be done. Of course, that didn’t happen, and it was a fabulous weekend.

So why did we flock together? Pat Murray spoke to us about the loneliness that draws CEO’s to ¬†become members of Vistage. It is lonely at the top. For us as Chairs, to go deep and become better at our craft is a type of hunger, too. The main question this weekend was what are we afraid of? Are there risks we are not facing into? Are we holding back due to uncertainty or fear?

Ahh, the skill with which we challenged each other to go deeper. What are the conversations we fear to have? Are we avoiding what we know we need to be doing? If we look at our fears, and speak them out loud, could we face them? What would be the the worst possible outcome? What would we do to prevent that? How would we repair it if the worst case happened? Would we bring these same conversations to our Members?

Suddenly, the future became less scary. More options became available. Perhaps even more important was the comraderie and the sense of being with your tribe-with people who understand what it takes to listen without judgment, ego or a need to have the right answer. So safe to explore fears that we hadn’t realized were running us unconsciously. ¬†And, we walked away with a clearer picture of the posiiblilities.

So, we left with reinvigorated dedication to our craft. We flocked together among the best of the best. What joy! Do you need to take some time out to contemplate what is working and not working for you? Are you brave enough to share that with a good listener? I challenge you to take an hour and brave a deeper conversation. Will you?