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Intermittent Fasting

I’m going to talk about how I’m eating – but there is a point. If you know me, you know I enjoy food. I enjoy deciding what I’ll eat. I enjoy picking out recipes to make. I grow my own vegetables and herbs. I love my citrus and avocado trees. I even enjoy shopping –  for herbs, fruits and vegetables the most. >

My Immigrant Grandpa

I love this picture of my immigrant grandpa, Max Paller. Grandpa Max was 4’10” tall. He is the short guy with the next generation, my Dad, Leonard on the right, and Harry Goldstien on the left as they were getting ready to break ground on their new building. Grandpa was 67 in this picture. It looks like he’s ready to dig the foundation himself, doesn’t he? At this point, they had taken away his pick-up truck so he would slow down. It didn’t work. He got a rack mounted on his station wagon so he could put a ladder on top and go right back to checking on the crews as they did custom sheet metal installation.

When my Jewish Grandfather immigrated to the US from Russia by way of Poland, there was no such thing as illegal immigration (if you were white). He worked 16-18 hours Monday through Friday and half day on Saturday. When the millennials talk about generational wealth, I think of the stories from my family about hard work and education that created financial security for our family.

Perhaps you have not shared your family stories with the next generation. Its good to find the old photos and be reminded. We need to embrace our history and share our immigrant stories. They enrich us and those around us. The first generation often doesn’t talk much about where they came from. My Grandpa refused to talk much about the old country. We don’t know if he was one of 13 or 17 siblings. What I did find out was that he was the youngest male, and he was supposed to be a rabbi, which he had no interest in doing. Instead, he went to Warsaw to live with his oldest sister. He left there after high school with his little sister (she was about 4″8″ tall) and moved to Los Angeles where he had a cousin. I heard a lot more of the stories from my Grandmother about life in Los Angeles with the street cars and all the fruit trees. Even with how hard life was in the depression and the 2nd World War, they were grateful to be here.

People left the old country because they had so little opportunity where they were born. For people of color, this is so much more of an issue, and their stories of when they arrived here are so much uglier. We are in a mess now and and we must address it.

Let’s not blame the immigrants for wanting to come to the US. Let’s fix our immigration system, so it works. This week, contact your Representative and ask them to work together to come up with something that fixes the mess at the border. Let’s move forward with immigration reform. We owe it to ourselves, the people who would like to come here legally and can’t, and to our immigrant ancestors who gave up so much so that we could live free.

Ground shaking

Growing up in earthquake country, I’m more used to the ground shaking than most. My favorite quake was Sylmar in 1971. A young teen, I’d just seen The Exorcist and I was thrown around in my bed for at least a minute and a half. A sliding glass door on a cabinet in my room banged back and forth and I was sure there would be a lot of damage. It turned out there was not. Not at our house anyway. I thought it was weird and fun. >

Take a Vacation

We talk the talk. We recommend it to others. And, still, we have too many hours of unused vacation on the books. Hmm…..After 12 days away I say, take a vacation! >

Celebrate May

There is something about May that screams celebration. Especially this year, with the long winter and late spring, it has been a riot of flowers, allergies and happy life events. >

Just show up

There is a business proverb that I like to repeat, perhaps more often than others like to hear it:  “Showing up is 80% of success in life”. Google says that Woody Allen said it first. Well, there is a lot of truth to the statement, whether you like Allen or not.

How many times do you NOT want to show up?  You don’t feel well. The kids didn’t sleep last night so neither did you. A meeting, critical phone call or presentation is going to be awkward, or boring or uncomfortable or scary. There are a lot of reasons to not show up. In these moments, it may be as basic as taking the first 3 steps towards your intention.

Why do I show up?

I show up because I committed to showing up and I keep my commitments. That means people can count on me.

I show up to be there in difficult moments. That means I support my people in good times and bad.

I show up because my parents showed up, my grandparents showed up, and now I see my kids show up.

A few weeks ago, I went to the funeral of an in-law’s sister who had a very difficult life health wise. I didn’t ask if my siblings would be there. They were. What warmed my heart was that my niece had flown in from Portland and gave a moving tribute to her aunt.

It is easy to show up for the good times – the fun times. Can you show up for the difficult times or when you just don’t feel like it?

This week, make an extra effort to be there for someone else. Just show up. If no one else compliments you on it, remember, I’m proud of you. You can do this.


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Take time to notice

On autopilot, are we?

We stumble out of bed in a sleepy fog at 0-dark-30 and get through our morning routine by habit (habit is good). Then somewhere after or during the morning shower or maybe not until we turn on the car after our morning caffeine, we begin to wake up. Do we take time to notice? >

Practicing what I preach

My Vistage Members don’t get out of a 1-2-1 without me asking

  • Did you get exercise?
  • Are you eating well?
  • Did you get some creative time?

They expect it, they anticipate it and they really do want to be asked. Part of business coaching focuses on those things we know how to do, but have trouble getting to. So, having to report out to your coach drives at least a feeble effort and sometimes life changing efforts around commitments.

Today, I was skiing by myself, so I had lots of time to think (creative time). The weather and my schedule synced up so that I could enjoy a beautiful bluebird day in Mammoth. I got on the lift as it opened and got to ski first tracks back to Canyon Lodge. The word that most describes how I felt was joy. Not just that moment, but off and on all day.

We don’t often get unscheduled creative time, so my Members have to block out time for it. Do they do it enough? It is in that time that ideas and joy can pop out. Do you give yourself permission to do the activities that bring you joy?

Do you remember what used to bring you joy? Are you so focused on crossing things off your list that you have forgotten? For some people it is playing a great video game, dinner with dear friends, golf, or tennis or skiing or spiritual time. Maybe, what used to bring joy has lost its luster. Find something that works now.

And, finally, take care of what you feed the machine. If your energy is lost, and you don’t feel well, you won’t be at your best. I sat outside the Mill and had a peanut butter sandwich on Golden Raisin Fennel Seed Bread. It was so simple and tasted so good.

Practice something healthy and joyful this week. If you have trouble making the time, just tell yourself that your coach made you do it.

To come from love

At Chairworld, the gathering of 600+ Vistage Chairs from 22 countries, many of us were interviewed by a wandering video crew. I was asked to introduce myself, where I was from and how long I had been a Chair. They asked if there was one thing, one mantra or saying that I lived by. Oh wow! It just popped out – “to come from love.”