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I love percentages. Give me a financial statement without them and I get pissy. Your ebitda is $1 million. Not good enough! What percent is that of your sales???? >

Tweak, tweak, tweak

Perhaps you made New Year’s resolutions. I know, I did. So, it being almost 6 months since then, I decided to pull them out and see how I’ve been doing.Click here, if you want to check. >

Hacks for mentoring

I was asked to follow up from last week’s post with more hacks for mentoring. New supervisors are often uncomfortable giving direction to those who just recently were peers. Being a first-time supervisor is probably the most difficult step in a leaders journey. So, let’s start with your mental game. >

Mentor, don’t instruct

How often does someone try to delegate up to you? Hey boss, how do I get on the shared drive? Hey boss, what should I say to this difficult customer? Hey boss, should we get a different supplier? >


Today is the Oscars. If you don’t live near Hollywood, you may not know that they close down Hollywood Boulevard for a week ahead and 2 days after the Oscars. This creates a traffic nightmare that we just move around like a school of fish turning around a rock. There have been billboards all over the city especially along the Sunset Strip to tempt the voting Academy members to choose this movie or that actor. Ads in the L.A. Times. Ads on local television. And more.

I was thinking of just curling up and watching the inane pregame, I mean pre-Oscar show, but no, my priority this afternoon is to write my blog.

Ok, laugh. Instead of preparing for a work meeting, how often do you check your email? You walk into your office with no plan for what you have to accomplish today. You did not break down your long term goals into 2 things you have to accomplish this week. You don’t have KPI’s and quarterly goals set, with weekly steps to get there. You spend your days in meetings without agendas, and feel like there must be a better way. There is. Prioritize. Say no to the meetings someone else can run. Delegate. Do those things that only you can do or should do. Unless your boss says you need to do it, reconsider why you say yes to so many requests.

Only when you prioritize the important and break it down into steps will you reach your goals. When you get clear on what you must do, then you can take time for other interests without feeling guilty. Turn off your notifications and read a book, watch a movie or check out the outfits and the glam at the Oscars. Did your favorites win?

Making Decisions

In a recent conversation about the Myers-Briggs personality assessment tool, the topic of how and why we make decisions came up. If you are familiar with Myers-Briggs, you know that the 4th dimension, perceiving (“p”) versus judging (“j”) has a lot to do with making decisions. >

Stories and Pictures

My friend, Pam, visiting from Seattle, inspired a trip to the Grand Central Market and Little Tokyo in downtown LA. When guests ask you about your town, what do you say? What do you show them? >

Got trucks?

The backbone of successful international trade and improvement of lives everywhere has been logistics. Mine coal, oil, precious minerals, iron ore, and send it to where it can be used to manufacture cars, housing materials, farming equipment, so we can get around, eat, build houses, play on our smart phones, make more stuff and provide services like medicine, education, and accounting. >

Deep Work

How much time do you spend each week on deep work – the most important projects you must complete to stand out in your position? For many of us, we have trouble getting even an hour. But, when you do make progress on a significant accomplishment, don’t you feel great? >

You know it, so why don’t you do it?

If you are in Vistage you know that at most meetings there is an amazing speaker from whom you take away at least 3 good ideas. That is one of the reasons Vistage members grow their businesses 3x faster than their competitors. Don’t yawn, yes, I know you know that. >