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First Level Supervisor

Gallup said it and so does everyone else….if you don’t like your first level supervisor – your boss,  you won’t stay.  I hear it from my kids, I hear it from your kids, from your midlevel managers and many times from you as well. Managing up, managing down, working with peers, we all want to work with people who treat us with respect, lay out clear expectations and do what they say they are going to do. >

Intermittent Fasting

I’m going to talk about how I’m eating – but there is a point. If you know me, you know I enjoy food. I enjoy deciding what I’ll eat. I enjoy picking out recipes to make. I grow my own vegetables and herbs. I love my citrus and avocado trees. I even enjoy shopping –  for herbs, fruits and vegetables the most. >

My Immigrant Grandpa

I love this picture of my immigrant grandpa, Max Paller. Grandpa Max was 4’10” tall. He is the short guy with the next generation, my Dad, Leonard on the right, and Harry Goldstien on the left as they were getting ready to break ground on their new building. Grandpa was 67 in this picture. It looks like he’s ready to dig the foundation himself, doesn’t he? At this point, they had taken away his pick-up truck so he would slow down. It didn’t work. He got a rack mounted on his station wagon so he could put a ladder on top and go right back to checking on the crews as they did custom sheet metal installation.

When my Jewish Grandfather immigrated to the US from Russia by way of Poland, there was no such thing as illegal immigration (if you were white). He worked 16-18 hours Monday through Friday and half day on Saturday. When the millennials talk about generational wealth, I think of the stories from my family about hard work and education that created financial security for our family.

Perhaps you have not shared your family stories with the next generation. Its good to find the old photos and be reminded. We need to embrace our history and share our immigrant stories. They enrich us and those around us. The first generation often doesn’t talk much about where they came from. My Grandpa refused to talk much about the old country. We don’t know if he was one of 13 or 17 siblings. What I did find out was that he was the youngest male, and he was supposed to be a rabbi, which he had no interest in doing. Instead, he went to Warsaw to live with his oldest sister. He left there after high school with his little sister (she was about 4″8″ tall) and moved to Los Angeles where he had a cousin. I heard a lot more of the stories from my Grandmother about life in Los Angeles with the street cars and all the fruit trees. Even with how hard life was in the depression and the 2nd World War, they were grateful to be here.

People left the old country because they had so little opportunity where they were born. For people of color, this is so much more of an issue, and their stories of when they arrived here are so much uglier. We are in a mess now and and we must address it.

Let’s not blame the immigrants for wanting to come to the US. Let’s fix our immigration system, so it works. This week, contact your Representative and ask them to work together to come up with something that fixes the mess at the border. Let’s move forward with immigration reform. We owe it to ourselves, the people who would like to come here legally and can’t, and to our immigrant ancestors who gave up so much so that we could live free.

Extreme Productivity

Even as a little kid, I always wanted to do things faster. Could I load the dishwasher faster? Could I finish watering the front yard faster? Could I take a minute off of my walk home? To me, it was a game. If I got my chores finished faster, I could have more time for the fun stuff, like reading. Still loving to read, I came across an article on extreme productivity that encapsulates many of the strategizes I’ve noted in highly productive people. >

Birds of a feather…

Last Thursday, over 100 Vistage and TEC Chairs gathered in Boulder, Colorado, for Keepers of the Flame. At a minimum, you have to have been a Chair for 10 years to participate, which has to be well over 10,000 hours of practice. If someone dropped a bomb on the Hotel Boulderado, Vistage would be done. Of course, that didn’t happen, and it was a fabulous weekend. >

Take a Vacation

We talk the talk. We recommend it to others. And, still, we have too many hours of unused vacation on the books. Hmm…..After 12 days away I say, take a vacation! >

Finding a mentor

If you work with someone or for someone, mentoring might be offered to you without your asking. For solo-preneurs or rising stars in an organization, you might have to go seek it. Here are some thoughts from the old hand about how should you go about asking. >

Hacks for mentoring

I was asked to follow up from last week’s post with more hacks for mentoring. New supervisors are often uncomfortable giving direction to those who just recently were peers. Being a first-time supervisor is probably the most difficult step in a leaders journey. So, let’s start with your mental game. >

Mentor, don’t instruct

How often does someone try to delegate up to you? Hey boss, how do I get on the shared drive? Hey boss, what should I say to this difficult customer? Hey boss, should we get a different supplier? >

Celebrate May

There is something about May that screams celebration. Especially this year, with the long winter and late spring, it has been a riot of flowers, allergies and happy life events. >