Intermittent Fasting

I’m going to talk about how I’m eating – but there is a point. If you know me, you know I enjoy food. I enjoy deciding what I’ll eat. I enjoy picking out recipes to make. I grow my own vegetables and herbs. I love my citrus and avocado trees. I even enjoy shopping –  for herbs, fruits and vegetables the most.

And, that has come with a cost as I age. I’ve put on the classic 2-3 pounds each year since menopause. Oh, I’ve tried many small steps in the past that have succeeded in losing 2-5 pounds which I then put right back on. So, now I’m trying intermittent fasting. It seems like such a great hack. You eat the same you were eating before just cut the window to 8 hours each day.

I’m on day 4. So far, I’ve put on 2 pounds, can’t do work which requires focus in the morning and noon can’t come too soon. :). I’m not giving up, just noting how it is going.

This inability to focus in the morning is interesting. I am fine when I’m in a 1-2-1 and the focus comes from the outside. I went to Pilates today and did a good work out. That was fine. I got to go to Trader Joe’s afterwards and pick up some herbs and an eggplant, yum. However, my mind races if I sit at the computer, so I have to reschedule my focused work time.

So why do it? I see myself sitting on the beach in Fiji in October weighing 10 pounds less and feeling lean and more nimble. I want to see if I can be more mindful of my food intake. And, I want to get healthier.

And, why do I share it?  Perhaps because success in life is an inner game. When one strategy is not working, it is not about giving up, it is about recalibrating and going about getting to your goal in a different way.

So, while I’m focusing on what and when I eat, I challenge you to examine what you need to tweak this week. And for those of you who rock the intermittent fasting, suggestions and encouragement are welcome.