Take a Vacation

We talk the talk. We recommend it to others. And, still, we have too many hours of unused vacation on the books. Hmm…..After 12 days away I say, take a vacation! >

Finding a mentor

If you work with someone or for someone, mentoring might be offered to you without your asking. For solo-preneurs or rising stars in an organization, you might have to go seek it. Here are some thoughts from the old hand about how should you go about asking. >

Hacks for mentoring

I was asked to follow up from last week’s post with more hacks for mentoring. New supervisors are often uncomfortable giving direction to those who just recently were peers. Being a first-time supervisor is probably the most difficult step in a leaders journey. So, let’s start with your mental game. >

Mentor, don’t instruct

How often does someone try to delegate up to you? Hey boss, how do I get on the shared drive? Hey boss, what should I say to this difficult customer? Hey boss, should we get a different supplier? >

Celebrate May

There is something about May that screams celebration. Especially this year, with the long winter and late spring, it has been a riot of flowers, allergies and happy life events. >

Just show up

There is a business proverb that I like to repeat, perhaps more often than others like to hear it:  “Showing up is 80% of success in life”. Google says that Woody Allen said it first. Well, there is a lot of truth to the statement, whether you like Allen or not.

How many times do you NOT want to show up?  You don’t feel well. The kids didn’t sleep last night so neither did you. A meeting, critical phone call or presentation is going to be awkward, or boring or uncomfortable or scary. There are a lot of reasons to not show up. In these moments, it may be as basic as taking the first 3 steps towards your intention.

Why do I show up?

I show up because I committed to showing up and I keep my commitments. That means people can count on me.

I show up to be there in difficult moments. That means I support my people in good times and bad.

I show up because my parents showed up, my grandparents showed up, and now I see my kids show up.

A few weeks ago, I went to the funeral of an in-law’s sister who had a very difficult life health wise. I didn’t ask if my siblings would be there. They were. What warmed my heart was that my niece had flown in from Portland and gave a moving tribute to her aunt.

It is easy to show up for the good times – the fun times. Can you show up for the difficult times or when you just don’t feel like it?

This week, make an extra effort to be there for someone else. Just show up. If no one else compliments you on it, remember, I’m proud of you. You can do this.


Interested in Vistage?


Take it off line…

For the second meeting in a row, Vistage Member and IT Guru Alan Sugano walked into the room and called for a def-com alert. And, like that old E.F. Hutton commercial, when Alan talks, we all listen. Like an earthquake or a mudslide or a serious fire, this may never happen…but if it does there is an 85% likelihood that your business will not survive even 90 days. Did I get your attention? >

Take time to notice

On autopilot, are we?

We stumble out of bed in a sleepy fog at 0-dark-30 and get through our morning routine by habit (habit is good). Then somewhere after or during the morning shower or maybe not until we turn on the car after our morning caffeine, we begin to wake up. Do we take time to notice? >

Receiving feedback

Is it easy for you to receive feedback? For most of my life, you could give me positive feedback all day long. I would tend to dismiss it, but I’d be emotionally happy. If i received negative feedback, my stomach clenched as my jaw froze into a slight tight smile, which may have looked like terror. >