Tweak, tweak, tweak

Perhaps you made New Year’s resolutions. I know, I did. So, it being almost 6 months since then, I decided to pull them out and see how I’ve been doing.Click here, if you want to check.

Last year, I did pretty well on my financial and business goals. On the plus side, I’m doing as planned for this year, too. Check. I feel good about my relationship and time with friends and family goals. Check. I’ve cut down on outside activities that were taking from time spent on all of the above. Check.

My weight reduction goal of 15 pounds is not on track. So far, I’ve lost 4 pounds. hmmm. If I were on track I’d have lost over 7 by now. SO, this one needs some work. As i analyze my input into exercise per week, I can see that not only am I not working out one more time each week, I am working out one time less. Okay. I will put my energy and effort into working out more each week and see if that gets me more progress in the next 3 months.

Why am I boring you with my weight reduction plan? Because, it is an easy example of making a plan, analyzing the results regularly and adjusting the behavior at the highest leverage point for success.

If I apply it to work, if you are late for every meeting, why don’t you end each of your meeting 5 minutes earlier. The 9 am meeting ends at 9:55, not 10.  All meeting end at 5 minutes to the hour. Train you people. Set an alarm. Do it.

If you are not spending enough time on strategy, are you blocking out appointment time to meet with yourself each week with the agenda?

Do you evaluate your progress and make the minor adjustments that will give you the most leverage?

Won’t you feel a lot happier if you can take control and make a few successful tweaks?

This week, focus on one leverage point that you can control and put pressure on making it happen. Good luck. Enjoy the journey.